Community Facilities Questionnaire March 2022

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Checking in with our community – what is the reason for this questionnaire?

Working in partnership with the committees of all the existing community spaces within Finderne, FDT are conducting a questionnaire to gather information on which community facilities, activities, and services, including community transport, the community wishes FDT to help develop in the current and the post- pandemic period. Had it not been for the pandemic we would have planned to consult on the issue of community spaces much sooner.

The Covid19 pandemic has had a huge impact on all our lives, on the way we do things, and possibly also on our priorities in life, and for our community. It was really inspiring to see the community spirit which emerged within Finderne during the early days of lockdown.

As we begin to move out of the pandemic the volunteer Directors of FDT, who are also members of the community, are keen to build on and strengthen the community spirit within Finderne in a way which continues to be underpinned by the Trust’s values and principles.

For the purposes of this questionnaire, the Board of FDT would like to take this opportunity to check in with all Finderne residents about two specific areas:

a) firstly, to seek your views about whether there is a need for a new community hub of some sort within the Finderne area, and secondly,

b)  to seek your views about whether there is a need for some form of community transport provision with the Finderne area.

Can you please complete and return the questionnaire by Wednesday 16th March. If you wish to request additional paper copies, or if you have any questions about this survey, please contact our Project Co-ordinator Kerry McInnes at, M: 07984 888312

The answers given within this questionnaire will be held in confidence and will help the Directors update the Trust’s Strategic and Operational Plans for the coming period. We will post the outcome of this community consultation on our website and will also be happy to send out a paper copy of the survey report on request.

We are carrying out this community engagement as part of our ‘Connecting Finderne’ project which is funded by the Scottish Communities Recovery Fund via HIE. More information about the other activities taking place within this project can be found on our website.

Thank you for taking the time to complete and return this questionnaire – it is very much appreciated!