Logie Primary School Fundraiser

A message from the Logie Primary School Parent Council:

Dear Finderne Community,

Warm greetings from the Logie Primary School Parent Council! We hope you all are well during these challenging times. 

As some of you know, all of our regular fundraisers for Logie Primary School have been cancelled this year due to social distancing restrictions. The school counts on these fundraisers to support any extra activities it plans for the children. 

As an alternative fundraiser, the Logie Primary Parent Council is excited to be planning a cookbook this autumn. We’ve all cooked so much on our own during lockdown, it would be wonderful to share your favourite recipe with others. We will be using recipe ideas from the school cafe, school families and you, our Finderne community, to raise needed funds for the school. This will be created and printed in time for Christmas and available for sale throughout the community.

We are asking for each Finderne community family to contribute one favourite recipe to be included in the cookbook. One per household, please. If you have already received this letter as part of the school community, don’t worry – we don’t need two recipes from you, one will be fine.  You can find a template for your recipe to be typed into here. We’ve left a helpful example in the template. Do erase it as you change it to your recipe. You must select a recipe that will fit onto one page. If you have any problems at all with this template, please copy your recipe directly into an email message to Aileen at apistone@gmail.com. When replying with your recipe you will need to indicate which category it falls into:

Starters & Snacks
Main Course
Sides, Soups & Salads

You may indicate this in your reply email or on the recipe itself, where it currently says Desserts. It would be great if you could include any interesting info about you or your family or the recipe under Submitted By. If the recipe has certain dietary restrictions, be sure to check the correct box on the form. If you feel a different box is needed do let us know. If the recipe is not originally yours, please credit where it comes from at the bottom of the recipe. 

Please may we have your tried and tested recipes in by Wednesday 07 October to Aileen at apistone@gmail.com. This will give us time to come back to you if we have too many similar recipes and need an alternative. Thank you for helping us work toward a successful socially distanced fundraiser for Logie Primary School!

Best wishes,
Logie Primary Parent Council

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