The Brockloch Community led Affordable Housing Project

The design for the Brockloch project is split into 7 phases according to standard practice laid out by RIBA (Royal institute of British Architects)

RIBA stage 1-4 is the design phase
RIBA stage 5-7 is the Construction phase.

RIBA design stage 1 was completed in March 2023 following consultation with the community.
There was then a delay to our progress due a funding gap for the design phase.
This has still not yet been resolved with CHT(Communities Housing Trust) and Moray Council.
However in lieu of this the FDT board unanimously agreed to continue the design phase using core funding.

RIBA stage 2-4 (The design Phase) commenced 15th September with an approximate running time of 6-8 months.
Once this is completed the project can be sent out for tender to contractors.
Once prices are received the main funding from the Rural Housing Fund can be applied for. 
Shortly after construction has commenced the application process will be opened to prospective applicants to either rent or purchase the affordable homes being built. 
Our progress will be updated via this newsletter after every board meeting. 

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