Finderne Development Trust

Knock of Braemoray

Finderne Development Trust (FDT) was formed in 2018 to act as the anchor organisation and key driver of the sustainable rural regeneration of the area of Finderne. Finderne is a stunningly beautiful part of Scotland and the Trust will work towards “unlocking the future” for Finderne and achieving its vision.

FDT’s vision captures Finderne’s special sense of place, its outstanding environmental and cultural qualities and its ambition to help nurture these qualities whilst at the same time helping to make it socially attractive and economically possible for people of all ages to live and make their livelihoods in the area for the long term.

This vision is encapsulated as:

 “Finderne is home to a welcoming community where people of all ages want to live, work and visit because of its outstanding environment and the quality of life it offers.”

To achieve this we will concentrate our efforts on a number of fundamental strategic themes. These include:

  • Social – developing a stronger identity for Finderne, a more balanced demographic, enhanced well-being and combatting social isolation.
  • Economic – facilitating availability of infrastructure to support local businesses and encouraging more people to establish livelihoods in Finderne’s rural industries.
  • Environment, Art & Culture – creating opportunities to access, enjoy and participate in environmental stewardship and enhancing and cultural life of Finderne.

The following set of values and principles will underpin the work FDT undertakes in pursuit of its vision:

  • Community focused
  • An emphasis on long term investment and legacy benefits
  • Sustainability
  • Supporting other groups and partners in achieving their goals through collaboration and empowerment

Finderne Development Trust (FDT) is a charity registered in Scotland, SC049191, regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)

Finderne covers a wide geographical area to the south of Forres in Moray and includes the small settlements of Rafford, Easter Lawrenceton, Dunphail, Edinkillie, Logie, Cathay, Altyre, Burgie, Blairs, Blervie, Brodieshill, Relugas, Glenerney and Braemoray.

The area is defined as one of the Community Council areas of the Moray Council.