Funding Sponsors

GlaschyleThe Finderne Development Trust receives its core funding from the community benefit fund established by the developers of the Logie wind farm, Hill of Glaschyle Renewables LLP.

The wind farm was built in partnership between Logie Estate and Muirden Energy and was commissioned in 2017.

Muirden and Logie





The commitment made by Hill of Glaschyle Renewables LLP provides a strong foundation for the FDT to build projects that will enhance and develop the local community.

We are guaranteed the full £138k community benefit fund for 5 years after which there will be a review to ensure that we have met the objects of our Articles of Association.

Our aim is to use the annual community benefit fund to cover the “core funding” of the FDT, cover revenue costs and support some minor capital investment where “matched funding” is required. The core funding will be used to leverage major funding for projects from the large grant agencies (Big Lottery, Scottish Landfill etc).



More information on the developers can be found at their respective web sites.

Logie Estate

Muirden Energy