Rural-based Apprenticeships

As part of Finderne Development Trust’s 5-year strategy to advance the social, economic, environmental and cultural development of Finderne, the facilitation of apprenticeships in Finderne’s rural-based industries was identified as one priority to help enable a major shift in the population profile to grow a vibrant, sustainable and balanced community.

Finderne is home to more older households than the Scottish average, more families with no children and fewer single-person households than the Scottish average of any age. The out-migration of our young people presents a real threat to our rural community.

The aim of the project is: 

“To engage local businesses in creating more opportunities for training and career development in Finderne’s rural-based industries to generate new employment and thus attract and retain a higher percentage of young people in the area for the long-term to strengthen and grow the local economy and the community.” 

Rural-based Apprenticeships funds a percentage of salary, travel and training costs to help businesses into recruitment to expand their workforces. It does this using a percentage of the core funds the Trust receives from the developers of the Logie Wind Farm – the Hill of Glaschyle Renewables LLP.

By working in partnership with Finderne based businesses to create opportunities and cultivate the skills required for business growth, we hope to grow our rural economy and enable more young people to remain in Finderne to train, work and develop fulfilling careers.

Rural-based Apprenticeships was the first priority project to be launched by the Trust on 30th January 2020. All Finderne based businesses were then invited to attend a workshop in February, delivered in partnership with Skills Development Scotland, to provide a step-by-step guide to apprenticeships and skills development, from finding the right training provider to recruitment and beyond.

The Trust encourages all local businesses to read the guidelines below and to then get in touch with us on to register interest in the scheme. Rural-based Apprenticeships is a rolling programme with no set deadline for applications.

We look forward to working with businesses to bring about long lasting change to Finderne.

Rural-based Apprenticeships Guidelines