Rural-based Employment

Since the launch of Rural-based Apprenticeships in January 2020, Finderne Development Trust have considered the challenges facing our businesses – from industry training that takes place out with Scotland to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some businesses need new employees who will bring the right skills and experience to grow turnover sufficiently to support ambitions to train apprentices in the future. By working in partnership with our businesses and bridging gaps in funding, we can help meet some of these challenges. Rural-based Employment was announced on 26th January 2021 as a second enabler for economic activity, sustainability and talent attraction and retention and will contribute to achieving our long-term vision for Finderne. 

The aim of Rural-based Employment is: 

“To support the sustainability, growth and diversification of local businesses by providing gap funding to create new employment opportunities and thus strengthen and grow the local economy, the community, and attract and retain more talent in Finderne for the long-term.” 

FDT will use a percentage of the community benefit funding it receives from the Hill of Glaschyle Renewables LLP to fund a percentage of salary and training costs for the first 12-months of a new position. Together with Rural-based Apprenticeships, we can support up to 4 apprenticeships or new positions per annum. Rural-based Employment is a rolling programme with no set deadline for applications.

Rural-based Employment Guidelines