Local Artist working with children at Logie Primary School

A local artist has been inspiring pupils at Logie Primary School thanks to funding from the Finderne Development Trust.

Logie Primary School was awarded £1000 from the Micro Project Fund to engage with Andrea Turner who held a series of sessions at the school.

The workshops which involved all year groups focused on the River Findhorn and the pupils were given the opportunity to work in clay and were given sketch books to progress their work.

Andrea said: “I had done previous art projects at the school, so I already had a good relationship with many of the children. The project has been very enjoyable, the children were engaged and interested and very creative and it’s always a pleasure to work with them.

“This time I proposed we look at the River Findhorn. We talked about the river, its source and progression and thought about what we might find naturally occurring in and around the river. We then looked at four main elements: Trees, fish, birds and rocks. We used clay to sculpt these and then made drawings of the sculptures. I was keen to use clay because of its physical, tactile properties and flexibility, and also because it can be found naturally occurring on river banks.”

Andrea who has a BA (hons) in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, London added: “Each child has a sketch book to keep their drawings in and to use as a reference for finished pieces. We went outside to draw trees and I brought a selection of stones in for the children to sculpt and draw. One of my main aims was to encourage close and detailed looking so that we notice the diversity and uniqueness of objects, this in turn can be liberating and instil confidence as we realise that with natural forms there is no right or wrong way to interpret as each form, while sharing some characteristics, is however distinctive and unique.”

Ian Chorlton, Development Manager for the Finderne Development Trust said: “I visited the art class and was delighted to see the joy, skill, and variety of interpretations the children were creating based on our local river. This is exactly the kind of initiative the Micro Fund was set up for.”

Helen Douglas, the headteacher of Logie Primary School added: “The sessions with Andrea have been a great opportunity for the school. Some children find it much easier to be expressive through art.  Lots of the children, even the youngest ones, now use vocabulary specific to the subject and have amazed themselves with their own progress.”

Toddler Groups and Toilet Refurbishment

TWO village halls and groups associated with them have received an injection of money to make refurbishments and buy equipment.

Edinkillie and Rafford Village Halls and two toddler groups which are located at each of the venues have been able to make upgrades to their facilities thanks to the funding from the Finderne Development Trust (FDT).

The most significant work to date has taken place at Edinkillie Hall where the bathrooms have had a major overhaul and the FDT is in talks with the committee at Rafford Village Hall to see how their needs can be met.

Ian Chorlton, development manager of the FDT said: “In 2019/20 the FDT looked into the construction of a new community hub, however, following the covid pandemic, a further study revealed that the community preference was to move away from a new hub, and focus on improving existing facilities, such as Rafford Village Hall and Edinkillie Village Hall.

“The FDT made contact with the committees at both halls and asked them to create a wish list of how we could best assist them in improving their buildings and services.

“Edinkillie responded and their wish list focussed primarily on supplying and fitting new bathrooms and they also said they needed new chairs and decorating. This work is now well underway.

Ian added: “We are also liaising with the team at Rafford Village Hall to see how we can help them to ensure their needs are also met.”

The FDT has also been able to give financial support to the Rafford Toddler Group and the newly formed Edinkillie Toddlers, Babies and Bumps to buy equipment, and help cover running costs.

Ian said: “All of these projects are exactly what the FDT is here to help with.”

Jane Young, secretary of Edinkillie Hall said: “We are delighted with the new facilities at the hall. A refurbishment was long overdue and the work that has been completed by EMac Joinery has really breathed new life into the hall. The ladies, gents and accessible toilets have all been redone, with the addition of baby changing facilities too which is crucial for the new formed toddler group.”